Savage Three is a first of it's kind, high-performance Cryotherapy Campus specializing in Recovery, Specialized Coaching and Nutrition. We believe and practice thoughtful and intentional coaching to promote whole-body conditioning and mental well-being. Our number one goal is to educate our members on the benefits of Training and Modern Wellness and provide them with a platform for superior health.


Tanya Kirk Founder

Dru Kirk Founder

Amber  Farooqi Operations Manager

Elisha Voren Specialized Coach

Hiljin Sabangan Specialized Coach

Renato Tagliari Specialized Coach

BE. Shakti Specialized Coach - Yoga

Rich Thurman Specialized Coach, Unconventional Training

Arttu Takala Specialized Coach

Marco Lopez Specialized Coach, Tools

Todd Duffee Specialized Coach

Noel Antonio Specialized Coach

Morgan Brown Recovery Specialist - Cryotherapy

Kelsey Lange Recovery Specialist - Cryotherapy

Terry Tran Recovery Specialist - Cryotherapy