Marco Lopez - Specialized Coach, Tools

We are excited to add Marco Lopez, to our roster of Elite Coaches. He is our mobile Tool Expert at Savage Three. He  started his career as an athletic coach nine years ago in the United States Marine Corps where he served honorably. Marco has obtained several certifications and has been taught by top professionals in the fitness industry. He is an Onnit Foundations and Durability certified coach. He is also certified in Kettlejitsu a unique system of kettlebell training for combat athletes. Under the guidance of Unconventional Republic Master coaches he has been trained extensively in Bulgarian Bag, Steel Mace, Steel Club, Indian club, and Bodyweight workouts. While enlisted he obtained his brown belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program later assisting master instructors with their advanced curriculum. He has completed two years of advanced massage therapy training focusing on athletic rehabilitation. This is an integral part of his durability or recovery programming, where clients are taught to self heal using MFR techniques.

The tools and methods utilized in his system are intended to teach the client to be self reliant on their own body mechanics, not on the use of stationary machines. This focus on form limits injuries while emphasizing coordination and fluidity of movement. The core principles of the training he offers are to integrate the mind, body and spirit with movements designed for functional strength.


  • ONNIT Durability Certified
  • ONNIT Foundations Certified
  • Kettlejitsu Certified Coach
  • Unconventional Republic Brand Ambassador
  • USMC

You can follow Marco on Instagram @tacticalmethods