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We are the Bay Area's leader and #1 Cryotherapy campus located in San Jose, Ca and the only one offering Elite Training, Group Gym Classes, Whole-body Cryotherapy, Spot Cryotherapy, CryoFacial treatments and NormaTec Recovery. Savage Three is dedicated to building the best Independent Training Team in the World. We have filled the Savage Three conditioning space with the same state-of-the-art equipment that you will find in a PRO facility. We have partnered with some of the best equipment companies on the globe including Onnit, Keiser, Truform Runner, Vertimax, Rogue, Assault Airbike, TRX and Plae to provide a platform for ultimate success.

Savage Three's Elite Coaching and Independent Training staff have the highest level of experience in their field and work onsite out of our state-of-the-art Cryotherapy and Conditioning facility. We are committed to building a community of world-class talent to provide you with superior whole-body conditioning and nutrition guidance. Contact any one of our Savage Three team directly.

Arttu Takala - Specialized Coach

At an early age, Arttu developed a strong passion for sports and competition that continues to play an integral part of his everyday life today. At 5 years old, Arttu began karate classes with his father in his hometown of Finland before moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his family two years later. He spent  ten years there, participating in his school’s competitive rugby, volleyball and  kickboxing clubs while traveling around Asia to compete. He also acquired an interest in boxing and kickboxing, which soon became his number one passion. 

Arttu continued through his University years in Australia under Arslan Magomedov, 4x World Muay Thai Champion while pursuing a degree in Sports Management and Athletic Coaching.  He began his coaching career working with amateur and professional kickboxers, and continued to study through several different sporting organizations to become a certified strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer and CrossFit coach.

Arttu furthered his education in the field of nutrition for performance and longevity  and takes a holistic approach in teaching people human movement, proper nutrition, management of outside stress factors and living a well-balanced life. He writes several individualized training programs for competitors and for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level - whether you’re looking to improve your athletic performance as an Elite Athlete or simply move better, live a pain free life Arttu has is skilled at developing specific programs for optimum success.


Human Performance Centre – Certified Personal Trainer  
Human Performance Centre – Sports Performance Nutritionist  
Human Performance Centre – Certified in Sports Supplementation  
Precision Nutrition – Certified Exercise Nutritionist  
Poliquin Group – Biosignature Practioner  
International Sports & Science Association – Certified Strength & Conditioning  Coach Crossfit Level 1 & 2 Certified  
CrossFit Mobility & Recovery  
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Level 2 Certified  
CrossFit Powerlifting Certified Coach  
Crossfit Regionals Competitor