Hiljin Sabangan - Specialized Coach

Hiljin specializes in biomechanics, corrective exercises, and motor control, mainly working with adaptive, rehab and geriatric populations. Hiljin emphasizes that the pre-requisite to making any change starts with having the appropriate mindset. If one's mind is not conditioned properly, progression towards any goal remains at a standstill. Hiljin graduated from California State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology emphasizing Pre-Physical Therapy and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Kinesiology. He became a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Science Academy as well as a Certified Spine Recovery Specialist with Project Walk.


  • BA Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
  • ISSA - CFT
  • Certified Spine Recovery Specialist  
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

You can follow Hiljin on Instagram @hiljin_sabangan