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A Whole Foods Diet Explained.


What exactly is a ‘whole foods’ diet?

Whole foods are those that come in a natural, unprocessed, and properly sourced form. It’s real and nutrient dense food. This allows you to get more bang for your buck and maximize your nutrient intake. A good trick is to look for the brightest, richest, single ingredient foods. Strive to have a variety of colors every meal. The less steps a food takes to get to your plate the less processed it is. A potato in its whole form will be more nutritious than its processed form of potato chips. Properly sourcing your food is also important. Eggs from pasture-raised chickens are much brighter due to their superior nutrient content. Including more whole foods into your diet will greatly impact your overall wellness.

Tips for success:

  • Shop at your local farmer’s markets
  • Always read ingredients label
  • Learn the source of your food (farm or factory)
  • Sign up for a CSA box (produce delivery service)
  • Do a pantry purge & stock up on whole foods
  • Include a variety of colors each meal
  • Eat seasonally- include foods that are in season

Elisha Voren MS, CSCS, NTC, FMS

Wellness Coach