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Sleep & Weight Loss

As we enter the new year let's chat about sleep. The most common resolution is weight loss, understandably so, due to indulging in all the holiday goodies. So, to get a head start take advantage of your vacation by upping your sleep game. Sleep has a direct influence on our hormones. Two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, are of particular importance since they regulate appetite and hunger. In a nutshell, leptin tells your body when you’re full and ghrelin stimulates hunger. If you succeed at both sleep quality & quantity then you wake with the correct amounts of these hormones. After a bad night’s sleep these hormones become imbalanced, cross their wires, and send the wrong signals. So, if you notice more cravings after a poor night’s sleep leptin & ghrelin are to blame. Be mindful if this occurs and avoid succumbing to these cravings by indulging on whole foods such as fruits and veggies. Set yourself up for success and get to bed early, create a cool & comfortable sleeping environment, and sleep in when possible! Read about sleep hygiene here.

Elisha Voren


Wellness Coach