Monthy Pass



1 Person Pass - Three month min - Includes 1 treatment of WBC, Spot Cryo, Cryofacial or Normatec session (limited to availability) per day. +Free S360 Classes (yeah, for real)

*Three month minimum, billed each month

Single Session



One Whole-Body Cryotherapy Session.

Day Pass



One day membership to Savage Three, full access to our facility. Includes WBC, Spot Cryo, CryoFacial, Normatec Sessions and Class offering (limited to availability).


Whole-Body 4 Pack



Four sessions for $199. First session is free (5 total sessions for $199). First time members only.


Whole-Body 10 Pack



Ten sessions for $450. First Session is FREE.


Whole-Body 20 Pack



Twenty sessions for $800. 


Whole-Body 40 Pack



Forty sessions for $1500. First Session is FREE.


CryoFacial or Spot Treatment



One CryoFacial or Spot Treatment.


CryoFacial or Spot Treatment

5 Pack



Five sessions for $200.


CryoFacial or Spot Treatment

10 Pack



Ten Sessions for $350.


Normatec 30



Normatec 60



Specialized Personal Training


Coaching prices are between the client and the Coach, please go to our Coaching page and reach out to the coach that you would like to train with directly.